For years I have been trying to grow my African hair and finally I have found a product that reminds me of what my mother used on my hair as a child.  And it works!  Also throughout my struggle I have found other products that do a great job on my hair but they cost a lot more.  Please keep in mind that this is based on  my opinion and the beauty, length, and strength of my hair.

#1  “Fast Hair Growth Scalp Formula” This is my favorite product that I am using now.  I found this product back in January 2010 when I was googling product to make black hair grow fast.  I figured that I had nothing to lose but  about $12 so I gave it a try.  When I opened the jar it smelt like something that my grandma use to put on my scalp..nasty. After using it for about 2 weeks I started seeing some real results…Since January 2010 my hair has grown at least 6 inches and I am over 50 and technically my hair probably should grow that fast.  I am on my 3rd jar now. Please don’t be put off by the ingredients.  It contains a very small amount of petroleum but the fillers(inactive ingredients) are mostly coconut oil, jojoba,shea butter,black castor oil, and some mineral oil.  The Active ingredients are Sulfur, pine tar and  Miconazole Nitrate go figure. When my sisters and I were growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s, my mother use to use just straight natural pine tar and blue seal vaseline on our hair and we had the longest thickest prettiest hair.  I stopped going to beauty parlors when I figured out that they were just pushing their  expensive hair products and my hair wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do.  I know that there are a lot of people out there trying to get into the market for black hair care and are saying don’t use this or that but let’s get real now.  Remember back before black folks started putting all of that lye , and other kind of permanent straightens in their hair how beautiful black hair was ?  If you are too young to know about that then look at old pictures of black women and you google pictures of black women, pay attention to how beautiful their hair was compared to real hair today. I give this product an A+++ you can read more about this product  at also found out that this company is getting ready to sign some kind of agreement with one of the larger hair company’s by the end of the year so the price might be going up soon.

#2 Next is Rogaine for women.  This can be found anywhere.  I paid around $45 for it  about 2 years ago and it worked but it really took awhile for me and I am just wondering if this is really for my type of African Hair (Ha Ha) They have lots of different products but I strongly recommend this product because it works but not as fast as I wanted it to work. The web address is

#3 Emu oil  This is another product that works very well when it comes to my hair.  Kind of expensive but it works.

#4 Glovers Mange Like I said earlier”Get back to Basics folks”  This works.  Glovers also have some new products that don’t smell as loud and not as heavy.  Price range from $4 to about $10 depending on the size type of product.

So far this is all I have to write about and review but I will try some of the other product out there and write about probably towards the end of the year. Right now I am very happy with “Lisa’s Fast Hair Growth Scalp Formula”